About Us

Our Mission & Purpose

We believe that a child is a precious gift from God. Therefore, it is our purpose and mission to nurture and care for your child in a safe, loving, Christian atmosphere. TLC is a ministry of Trinity Church that supports the entire family unit.

Experienced, Dedicated Staff

For over 20 years, Trinity Learning Center has been blessed with qualified, experienced and dedicated staff.

Teacher to Student Ratio

Our teacher to student ratio meets and often exceeds the state requirements.


Our staff is educated and licensed for their level of responsibility, they are committed to ongoing education and training.

Christian Based

Through their own love of Christ, our staff inspires a child's spiritual growth and healthy self esteem by learning about God's love.

Positive Guidance

Discipline is necessary for guiding a child. Redirection is used to steer a child toward positive behavior. We give children boundaries that provide for a safe learning environment.